Product Review

U-lock Skirt from Under the Weather
price clearance sale $15.00


I was psyched to pick up this handy, lightweight skirt from Under the Weather. Not only is it pink and black and slightly stripey, but it's incredibly practical. I picked it up to use as a regular skirt, but I can see how useful it would be for ladies who want to wear cycling tights with little in the way, but also not feel completely naked out there or get looks when they stop in for a cup of coffee on their ride. You can barely feel the skirt when you're riding, yet it affords a lot of coverage. I also like the u-lock pocket on the back, of course, and was surprised and how well it worked on such a lightweight skirt. Sometimes, there are days where I imagine that the combined forces of my accessories could carry a half dozen u-locks. This skirt also folds up incredibly small, even enough to fit in the back of a jersey, and is perfect for traveling. While these skirts are sized, there is a small buckle which makes this wrap-style skirt even more adjustable. Last I checked, these skirts were on sale on their website for a very reasonable price; grab one before summer hits!