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Swobo Men's Bruno Knickers

Price: Reg: $198.00 on sale at Swobo's yard sale for $135.00

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swobo knickers front

The second the box from Swobo arrived, I frantically opened it, took off my pants, and threw these puppies on. In fact, the only time I havenít had these on is when I go to bed. I wake up, put them on, and start my day. When the day is over, I take them off and lay them neatly next to my bed, ready for the next day. Insert underwear changes when appropriate. Being wool, they tend to collect pet hair and the like, so having two cats I occasionally have to use one of those nifty tape roller thingies really quick and theyíre back to new.

First off, color-wise, these rock- I love red stitching on dark colors, and with these, the red stitching is a great contrast to the dark gray (Swobo calls it ďtitaniumĒ), heavy merino wool, which was woven in Germany! They do feature a super smooth bonded nylon on the inside, so theyíre super comfy- no wool against your skin! As an added fashion bonus, the insides of the pockets (front and rear) are lined with a dope plaid print.

Since Iím talking about pockets, letís talk about these pockets- the Brunoís feature six pockets: two front, two rear, and one on each side of the leg. The leg pockets are great for riding- super easy access thanks to the zipper pulls! So I guess thereís no need to mention that the leg pockets zip close. The rear pockets feature flaps, but no closures, which would be kind of nice, but they do have a line of nylon lining going across the tops of the pockets to go that extra style mile.

The only complaints I have are that I wish they had a button closure instead of a snap- if you donít tuck your shirt in, itís a cold spot in the morning! Other than that, I also wish the zipper was about an inch longer, but these are minor complaints. Temperature wise, itís been in the lower 30 degrees here in upper Michigan, and with a pair of wool socks and the right upper layers Iím good to go- no long underwear needed just yet!

By the way, these are limited, so get Ďem while they last! They also come with a lifetime guarantee- what other knickers/pants/shorts can say that? Mine are about a size too big, which isnít a problem at all- I looked at another size from another company when I picked out a size. And even though Iím 33 years old, it still leaves me with a little room to grow! I donít think Iím shedding these until springÖ