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Custom Porter Crates for your bicycle.

Hand made with pride in the USA from the creator of
One Less Car Clothing:

Bates Crates

I woke up one morning and wanted to surprise my girlfriend with sweet pastries and a hot cup of coffee from her favorite local bakery. Problem was, how do I carry all of this by bicycle without crushing the pastries and spilling the coffee all over the place? An idea struck and I figured it out!

I designed a Porter crate that would do all that and more! Supplies were purchased, and after hiding out in my dad's garage for hours, I came out with my first Porter crate- able to carry sweet pastries, hot coffee, and more.

Everyone was stoked. Bates Crates was officially born. With only a handful built and a few blog posts on One Less Car about them, Trek sent an email. They had to have a couple too. More were built and sent off to Trek, and they loved them too- so much that they're featured on a bike in Trek's 2010 catalog!

Bates Crates are designed and hand built to be as environmentally friendly as possible right here in the USA! Once the right supplier is found, I hope to use reclaimed wood exclusively. Bates Crates is constantly evolving- My aim is to make using your bicycle for everyday activities more of a reality, and in doing that, promoting bicycling as a whole.